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Customer Comments
  Sweet Pea just arrived!   After jumping out of her box and giving me hugs she jumped out and ran about looking for a new mouse house.   I do believe I hear her in my large jewelry chest.   She's such a gem!   She's very happy and making new friends!

Thank you so much for sharing your talent.   Many giggles to you!
  Many, many thanks for my little mice!!   They all arrived safely just now & I had such fun opening each box!   I wish you could have heard my gasps of delight ~ lots of oohhs & aahhs with each one!!   They are so precious to hold and your details are wonderful!   I can already see their personalities emerging as they lose that scared-first-out-of-the-box look!   You have created exactly what I asked for and then some!   Thanks so much again!   If you want to use any of my comments on your site, feel free to do so!  

People should know how sweet these are and what a wonderful person you are to work with!!
  These items are beyond charming and invoke the imagination.   Thank you!
Cobblestone always has just the sweetest things.   Such creative tiny work ~ love it.   5 star designer & seller. Another precious creation from this 5 star artist,
she never disappoints.
  I spent some time browsing around your website and I absolutely love your mice and the stories you created to go along with them, I could look at them all day.   You are a very talented artist.  
  Little cookie mouse arrived today at her new home. She was a little tired so I gave her milk and almond cookies and took her to her new place. She is quite comfortable, I am sure she will be very happy here with her new friends.  
  She arrived & I really adore these little ones...simply precious. I love the colors, and her face has such personality!! I need to go back and look at your wonderful mouse creations again.  
I love your packaging as well...very classy.
Thanks again.
I just came across your auction ~ Wanted to let you know they are just adorable!!!
  I have seen many handcrafted items in my day but I have seen few as outstanding as these mice.   Your talent is extraordinary.   For this reason, I would ask that you make whatever you think best to match the two I have already purchased.   You can check with me if you like, but I have complete trust in your judgment.
  It looks wonderful! I am so thankful to you for all you have done.   I am sure this will be a treasured keepsake.   [She] will have her namesake and I will have the memories of working with you on this project.   I feel as I have known you forever but I think it has only been about 1 week and I have enjoyed it!  
  You are going to make me cry today.   [The mouse] is absolutely out of this world!!!   I have a feeling I am already becoming addicted.   If I were collecting them, I'd want them ALL!  
Absolutely fantastic! I would love to know if you have formal training or if your work is just a product of genius that had to break through? Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to hear it as I love your mice and they are becoming a little family now with three of them.
  Great service and the MOST BEAUTIFUL MOUSE and Packaging.   Thank you.   Looking forward to more of your cuties.  
  She has arrived safely and is absolutely exquisite!   I am thrilled.   This little mouse is truly magical!   I'm very impressed with everything.   Thank you  
  Thrilled to acquire another wonderful Cobblestone citizen.   Another excellent little character!!!!   Well made and adorable.....will be looking for more.....  
Very nicely done miniatures!!   Wonderful seller with great communications! Betty and Ted arrived safely.   I love them.   They are so precious.   Thank you for letting me adopt another one of your beautiful creations.
  I received my Tea Time bears yesterday.   They are so cute.   I’d love to know how you made them.   How long did it take to make them, since they are so small?   Thank you so much.  
Hi, just to let you know Nellie has made it safely to her new home.   She is adorable. Many thanks Cadbury made it to her new home late yesterday.   She is so pretty with her long lashes!   Thank you so much for creating her and parting with her!
  The bear has arrived safely and is just adorable.   I have a rather extensive collection and for space reasons have switched primarily to mini bears.   This one is truly a gem.  
  I received Emmeline today, safe & sound.   You spent some time & thought ensuring she wasn’t bounced around inside the box.   She is perfect with your attention to detail!!   She is standing inside a round glass display case of the correct size to keep her pristine.   I am thrilled to have adopted her!


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