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An enchanting place where you will find a variety of teeny tiny mice who go about their daily lives in the hamlet called Cobblestone Circle, become characters from the pages of Once Upon A Time, bring a touch of whimsy to your holiday décor, snuggle into demitasse teacups or inhabit both traditional (1:12) or half scale (1:24) dollhouses.   Her larger Bears, Mice and Bunnies can be dressed in fashions from many eras or are simply bare bears full of cuddles. The tiniest Wee Ones, called Pebbles and Gems can sometimes be found in tiny jewelry boxes.
Each and every one of my creations is fashioned lovingly by my hand with great attention to detail resulting in a one of a kind heirloom quality piece.   I use no patterns but my own to construct my little friends of the finest materials available.   They look at the world through premium German glass eyes and are five way cotter pin jointed with wired arms to allow them to hold many adorable poses.   Their clothes are sewn from a variety of the highest quality fabrics and trims, made with construction details used on fine clothing ~ even though at times this small scale requires me to use tweezers to do the sewing!   Just about every one of my furry friends comes with an accessory or two.   Most of these are made by me and this has allowed me to dabble in different art forms and medium such as painting, paper craft, wood working, sculpting and needle felting.   I enjoy working closely with buyers on custom orders, including re-dressing their collectible dolls, bears and other furry friends.
I invite you to browse my website and become further acquainted with my work ~ because at the end of the day we all need a place for our imaginations to play.
I welcome your comments and questions. Email: laura@cobblestonecreations.net
Meet the Artist
It has been an interesting journey that began in 2006 and has taken me from spending my days as an engineer surrounded by calculators, test results and film samples to being surrounded with collectible bears and dolls and MICE!   After years as a stay home mom, once our children had grown, I discovered the world of bear collecting and became enthralled with turning simple fabric and fluff into a little soul that brings people such joy.   I was able to learn the bear making process through books, online information and a lot of trial and error.   My very first attempt at a mouse still sits in my workroom because it makes me smile and it reminds me how far I've come.
One thing I learned without a doubt ~ Smaller Is Harder ~ but also more appealing to me.
Is there anything sweeter than being able to hold a little furry friend in the palm of your hand?
I am proud to say my bears and mice have appeared in many publications
and can be found in collections on just about every continent on the globe.
Each of my creations will arrive with their signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity.
They also come with individually labeled Gift Boxes all ready for you to wrap for that someone special!

I create all my pieces in a smoke-free and pet-free studio.
All Cobblestone Creations are adult collectibles and are not safe for little children.

With over twenty years of sewing experience be assured that everything from Cobblestone Creations is made from top grade materials.   Seams are frenched where possible or overcast to ensure no raw edges and most trims are meticulously applied by hand.   I find that fasteners like snaps or velcro are just too bulky for my little friends and detract from their charm.   I am therefore sorry to say that their clothing is not removable.

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